Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tech Tip

Hello new friends! I have a technology tip for you today that might be helpful.

When you leave a comment on a friend's blog you may want to include a hyperlink to your page. A hyperlink is a link that you can immediately follow by clicking on it like this. I can easily use the "link" tool when I'm posting on my own blog but what about comments on another blog?

You can create your own hyperlink using this recipe:

<a href="THE URL OF THE SITE">The text you want to see as the link</a>

So I can leave a link to my page in a comment like this:

<a href="">The Kinder Kid</a>

I love doing this because I can leave a little "tag" wherever I comment so that others can find me!

Give it a try and comment here so that others can find you!


Miss Boucher said...

Thanks for the tip! I am a new follower! Here's to hoping this works for me...


First Grade Exploration

Tina said...

Thank you!!

Quench Your First

Amy said...

The Resource(ful) Room!

Miss Reeve said...

Thanks so much for the helpful comment and tip! You're the best! I am now a follower! YAY!

Life of a Kinder Teacher

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