Thursday, July 21, 2011

Need Book Labels?

Time to share the love! I have always wanted a place to share freebies, and here's my first one! Now lets see if can do this right...

Ok, I did it! Now here's an explanation, because I think this deserves one:

I so enjoy getting ideas and materials from other teachers but one of my disappointments is that I can't fiddle with the document because they're saved in pdf.

Some of these labels won't work for you at all, and that's as it should be! My book collection is about 90% school books and only 10% my own so I'm kinda stuck with what I have for now. I also wanted to make sure the text was readable for the young child and the pictures communicated meaning, too. I'm pretty picky! If you need different labels because you have a completely different classroom library or like using a different font then you will be able to fiddle with this freebie!

When you download this file it's a Power Point and then you can change it however you want. There are some misplaced pictures in the viewer but I downloaded it myself and it came out OK. Please let me know if it does weird things so I can fix it.

I hope you like these! They're nothing fancy but maybe it will make your back-to-school setup a little easier.


Tina said...

I just found your cute blog!

Nicole said...

I'm so glad you did! A fellow Texan! :)

Jennifer said...

I do the same thing... I posted about. I have a picture of my buckets I use to organize them though. I am going to link you to that post on my site so my readers can get those labels too! I am sure you don't mind. =) Go to my organization label on my blog to see in the comments! =)

Welcome to the world of blogging. I have been in for about oh, maybe 4 weeks now. It's addicting!

Empowering Little Learners!

Mrs. Coe said...

Thanks for sharing. I am a Texas girl too!

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