Friday, December 23, 2011

Is your leg gonna fall off?

Are these some of the things you wish you heard from your students and co-workers?

You look like Batman, but not really...

Only old ladies use canes... are you an old lady?

Is the doctor gonna give you a new leg?

You were doing WHAT??? Why???

Huh, I guess you're not 6 years old anymore...

Well, then let me tell you how! You TOO can be a campus clown celebrity with my new KNEE INJURY KIT!*
The best part is... IT'S ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!!**

This kit includes:
  • ONE seemingly normal weekend visiting family
  • TWO adventurous and athletic kiddos who you love dearly
  • and ONE trampoline
Simply jump on the trampoline as high as you can with your cousins and land a liiiiitle funny and viola!
You just sprained your MCL, tore your meniscus, 
and tore your ACL!

*Consult your frontal lobe, your doctor, and your family before attempting this kit. They will all say it's not a good idea. 
**Doctor's Appointments, Fancy Knee Braces, Crutches, Canes, Surgery, and Physical Therapy are not included. These items are definitely NOT free.

Alright, alright, back to reality. On November 21 I injured my knee as described above. When I showed up at school the next week I struggled to explain a million times over what happened. The worst part was I hadn't even seen a doctor at that point because of the Thanksgiving holiday! I had an appointment later that week when I finally figured out what I did to myself. It didn't change that I had to explain to everyone who asked that I tore my ACL, among other things. "I hurt my knee" was enough for my class... what they told their parents is a different story entirely. :)

I just had surgery the 20th and finally thought to put it in a post. I'm staying pretty positive about it all... I have a lot to be thankful for. 

My question is... have you recovered from an injury while still in the classroom? I'm curious to see what you have taught through!

Link back to this post, why don't you! You never know, this post could serve as a public service announcement against jumping on trampolines! Spread the word! ;)

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