Saturday, September 24, 2011

Work It!

Am I the only one who actually likes coming in on the weekends? Hear me out! I can get so much done when no one else is around!
Today's post is dedicated to teachers who work 7 days a week and work with what they've got! I found new places for things and rediscovered things I had! Yes, even after unpacking my room just a couple months ago I forget what I have.

I finally put together a little paper organizer the teacher before me had left behind at the old campus. When I put it on a covered storage tub next to my *tiny* office area it made such a cute and organized space! I finally have everything together!
Can you spy Pete? I talk to him throughout the day... I'm not crazy, I swear.
We practiced this math game this week but I had to use little boxes for the jewels. I finally found my drawstring bags as I was cleaning today! It makes counting the jewels that much more fun!
They're a little hard to see, but I have 12 bags filled with different combinations of 5 jewels!
And then I found these and I thought you could help me... What do I do with them???


Jill said...

I am at school right now on a Saturday!! However, no matter if people are here or not, I can't seem to get anything done.......... the internet really distracts me!!

I subbed for a Pre-K teacher with those number bean bags and she would give them out and call out numbers and the kids would throw and catch them. Or they'd stand in numerical order. I know those aren't super exciting ideas, but that's all I've got!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Martha said...

How about child takes 2 and throws the number that is more/less to you. Use them when learning to add..I have 4 and two find the child with 6...something like that might work! Wish I could get in my room on Sat.

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