Monday, September 26, 2011

Musical Monday: ...or not!

Sorry, no music here. But at least I committed to making a post, right? No?

Well, I just have to share some of my favorite stories that I *actually* remember:

Lil' Miss Sassy: "Teacher, are you married?"
Me: "No, I am not."
Lil' Miss Sassy: "WHAT?"
Me: "Yep. I don't want to be married!"
Lil' Miss Sassy: "Ah! That is SO sad!"

Other Lil' Sassies regularly like to draw Ms. Bueno with a baby in her belly, with high heels, and with fancy dresses (I guess I haven't worn a dress yet!)

Pigtails: (makes noises with her mouth).
Me:" ____, we're not making noises right now."
Pigtails: "Oh! We're not making noises right now?"
Me: "No. We need to be quiet in the hall."
Pigtails: "So no noises right now?"
Me: "No noises. Please put a bubble in your mouth."
Pigtails: "Oh! I can make them at home?"
Me: "Yes, you can make noises at home. Right now we need to be quiet."
Pigtails: "Oh, ok. (Says to a friend) I can make noises at home."

While responding to The Three Little Pigs...

Me: "Who can raise their hand and tell me a main event from this story? Yes, ___?"
Ponytail: "The wolf should'a been a STAR."
(Smile, Take a deep breath, And Relax!!! Conscious Discipline working for ya, right here!)


Laura Starnes said...

I am passing on the I Heart Your Blog Award to you!

Kinder Kraziness

Jill said...

I take lots of deep breaths - it helps me get through the day, haha! Also the other day I put my hand on my stomach, probably because I was hungry, and one of the boys said, "Have you EVER had a baby?" Because I guess we've gone over many, many times how I do not have a baby or a husband. And I said, "No.... no babies ever." Crazies!!

Marvelous Multiagers!

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