Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Beg, Borrow... and... steal?

You know how it goes... creative teachers do an awful lot of creating, but their fair share of borrowing ideas, too. I hope my attempt at some good ideas are looked on as compliments, not stealing!

I've been following Herding Kats in Kindergarten for a while and love seeing her "Where the Wild Things Are" theme pop up in her Monday Made Its. She had a great idea of using place mats on student tables instead of taping down name plates. Genius! I borrowed her idea and made my own.

Click to download!

Another idea came from pinterest, as all borrowed ideas come nowadays, but I'm struggling to find the pin! The blogger explained that she's a little tired of the colored clip charts that keep track of student behavior. Her do-gooders knew they were doing better than the others and the ones who had to sit out never could remember what it was they did wrong. Her idea for this year was to place a rule card from Whole Brain Teaching by the students name so that both she and the student would remember what needs to be worked on. She discussed removing the clip chart altogether, but I may combine the two some how. 

At any rate, I borrowed her idea of making small rule cards by shrinking my rules posters down. 

Click to download!

I'm kicking myself that I didn't pin that idea to any of my boards! Seriously, I've looked around for about an hour for it. 

This last idea has been tossed around by just about everybody. I made it last year and I'm STILL getting requests from Scribd to share it so I thought I'd just make it a Goggle Doc (why didn't I do that in the first place?) Click to download!

Can you tell I love me some Scrappin' Doodles? And I'm lovin' all the good ideas!


Elicia said...

First of all, thanks for sharing your noise level chart. We use one similar to this at our school, but it doesn't have the pictures which I think will be very helpful for my kinders.

I think I downloaded the behavior chart you wished you had pinned. I love pinterest. It was created by Michele at inspiredbykindergarten.blogspot.com. She has an awesome blog.

Thanks again. Love your blog.

Elicia :)

Nicole said...

Yes! That's it! Thank you for pointing me to Michele's blog.

Jason Callen said...

I tried to download the voice volume chart at the end of this entry but I get a bad erorr code? I would love to have this as our PBIS group has been talking about this. Is there anyway you could send it to me in an editable version?
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I've been having trouble downloading the talking levels chart. Can you send it to me in a editable form so I can print it? Thanks.


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