Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thrifty Thursday!

Now that August is around the corner I've definitely caught the shopping bug. I should probably live in Target. Dollar Tree has had some good finds, too. But the real fun is hunting around in Goodwill and Salvation Army!

I've always loved going to thrift stores. You'll never know what kind of gems you'll find and excavating them from shelves is half the fun. Dangerous work, too, though. I had a huge wooden mask fall and crash at my feet. And I wasn't even picking in that area!

Take a look at my latest finds!
A sweet painted treasure box for reward smellies and a tin box for magnetic letters!

ANCIENT compact cameras for... something. Maybe read the room, or science observations, or just plain fun?
When I saw these I knew I had to have them, but had no idea what they were used for. I guessed that they would be fun for the kiddos to balance or even sit on, but when I tried my tush was way too much for it! Apparently they're used underneath the hands and feet for a core balance workout.
They'll be used for SOMETHING!

I was also tickled to find a crock pot for $6 and a pair of old-fashioned beaters! Can't wait to make applesauce again in class. I used First Grade Parade's recipe last year and it made the room smell soooo good. 

Go check out your local thrift store! 


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