Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Pinning!

I was doing well... really well! Not ONCE did I think about school in June... besides the brief pang of guilt that I WASN'T thinking about school. Pinning on Pinterest made me feel better, but then I realized:

Source: via Kim on Pinterest

So I might as well get off and start some projects.

First, I took this:

And made this!

I used cute wooden cutouts and ribbon from Michael's!
I love how it turned out! If I can find a shoe for walkers then I'll replace the sun and cloud.

I also whipped together some cute mini shaker eggs!

So THERE's the reason I was hoarding Easter Eggs!

The ever-growing list also includes:

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

Good thing I'm only halfway through summer! :)


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