Sunday, August 14, 2011

Scrapdoodlin' away!

Ok... I made that up.

But I'm so excited I finally found Scrappin Doodles! I have KinderTastic and her fabulous Daily 5 posters to thank...
All laminated and ready to go!
...that and being up FAR too late last night thinking of my ever-growing TO DO list. So somehow I found the Stick Kids collection and went shopping! I bought 6 collections for $20... I'd say that's a steal compared to other cliparts.

THEN I made these...
Schedule Cards!!! I'm just beaming with pride over here. I can't wait to use them! As you can see I incorporated KinderTastic's posters on my Daily 5 card!

*Update* Click here for the *arrival* cards, here for the blank enrichment cards, and here for the rest!

I left the enrichment/specials/whathaveyou cards blank because I plan putting those teachers' pictures and names on them. I also experimented with including some of the Conscious Discipline and Capturing Kids Hearts strategies in my schedule like the morning greeting, I Love You Ritual, and launch. The font I used is called Thick Chocolate if you want to give it a try.

Yay! I feel like a real blogger now! Let me know what you think!


PreKMom said...

They look great! I love Scrappin Doodles especially the clip art pics with the big eyes.

Laura said...

I really like your schedule cards! I am thinking of giving the kids their own copy of the Daily Five one and letting them cross off what they go to so they will know what they can choose next. I am thinking they could keep it in their book box (laminated) and use a dry erase crayon to mark over the ones they finish. I will have time to think this through more carefully because we don't do all five choices for about 6 weeks.
Some of your cards had no art on them. I will try to download again-Google docs said the file was too big? Maybe you can split it up?
Thanks for all your work!

Nicole said...

Laura- these are wonderful suggestions! I will split up the files soon- I wondered why it wasn't previewing.

I left some cards blank so I can put pictures of that teacher on the card. Perhaps soon I can get other clipart on it if that would be helpful.

Thanks again!

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