Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm a nut (click click) I'm a nut (click click)...

That seems to be my favorite phrase lately.
I worked in the classroom today and will return tomorrow. Why? I'm a nut! But I'd like to believe the best kind...

Today my efforts yielded me tables with clever storage underneath.
Now you see 'em...
Now you don't! 
The cute tablecloths came from BigLots!
Do you remember the ottoman from earlier this week? It had to match, too!
A curtain for my Safe Place and the writing station table
 I labeled my library tubs with Velcro dots this year... genius!
Brought out just what I needed for the first few weeks and...
Stored the rest on my built-in!
 The Velcro dots also worked for my math cubbies (in my built-in... sweet).
If you still need some you can grab these here and here.
I need to make more,  any sugesstions?
Whew! I think I'm all pooped out from the matchy-matchy cuteness goin' on here!

Now I feel a little better about being a part of this linky party!


PreKMom said...

You're not the only nut. I went to work this morning too. CRAZY!!!!

Katie Lawson said...

I like your safe place! That's a great idea!

Katie Lawson said...

I am your newest follower. I teach Kindergarten in Texas too. Feel free to stop by!

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