Monday, August 6, 2012

Breaking Rules!

I took all summer to get crafty... and that's far too late! I'm back in a *new* classroom this week and with the new space I'm breaking some old rules in this Monday Made It.

I scored big at some garage sales two Saturdays ago and found a rocking chair for $10, among other things.

I never thought I would be a rocking-chair-gal! I always thought they took up too much room and made me look like I was on a throne. When I saw this one, however, I thought I would shed this rule, even though I'm in a tiny portable. Besides, the kiddos will think it is SO cool to sit in it for sharing or whatnot, right? 

I think it's cool with a new purple paint job and... wait for it... GLITTER!!! Which is another rule-breaker... never was into the stuff until now. I know, I know... I'm weird.

Sealed on with spray gloss, of course! There will be no glitter on my booty, I hope!

My next craft breaks yet another rule... classroom themes. I cheered out loud during a training when Debbie Diller advised to stay away from cluttered themes in favor of choosing one or two colors for classroom decor. I've always thought themes were silly and prided myself on the matchy-matchy color scheme I used instead.

Well, my new campus is adopting a school-wide theme of "Reading Takes You Places." There's tons of options for hallway bulletin boards and fun pet-names for things relating to this theme. I already knew I was going to recreate this board from my very first year...
Maybe I'll say something like, "Ms. Bueno's Class is going places!" instead
And I got to thinking... I LOVE space! It's always been a motif in my life so why not *finally* in my classroom? So I ran out... clicked over?... and got some clipart from Scrappin' Doodles and started on plugging my new theme in...

My Voice Levels Chart:
Click to download!
Student name plates:
Click to download!

And more to come!

I also have been mulling over what I would use this year as a visual for the kiddos when I am busy with a small group or testing. I'm learning that themes can make some decisions easier!

Alien headband! 
I can't help putting it on throughout the day and looking at myself in the mirror. I can already hear the kiddos saying, "my teacher is an ALIEN!!!"


Brandi said...

You got so much done! YOur projects look great!

Success in Second Grade
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Mrs. Krull said...

Love it all! I have been thinking about doing a space theme in my room this year too, and your post confirmed it for me! The alien head band is great. Where did you find it?

Mrs. Krull
Of Primary Importance

Miss Nelson said...

So cute! Your creations are great.

Mrs. Payton said...

cute! I LOVE the glitter!

Mrs. Locke said...

I'm doing a space theme in my room too and LOVE the alien headband idea! I found a "Do Not Disturb" crime scene tape lanyard that I wear as a "don't bother me" visual signal, but this is great!!

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