Monday, January 9, 2012

Wait! Wait!!!! (Finally) A Musical Monday?!

Ack!!!! Could it be?! I finally have a reason to post a Musical Monday?

I gave up on this well-intentioned weekly post back in October, oh man, SEPTEMBER! but I was super excited about finding this gem at the library this weekend.

I introduced Martin Luther King Jr. today and used the book to elaborate. I haven't put on a show for my kiddos in a while and when I sung the text to them I had them HOOKED. When we finished they went on and on about how we should be kind to one another and be thankful that we can be a family at school and what a hero Dr. King is and UGH!!!! Then they sang/hummed/made up their own songs about the beauty of differences during free choice centers. It was wonderful. 

Now if you're not up for singing yourself there's always the video: 

And if you're like me and want to get your kiddos away from staring at a screen and staring at EACH OTHER, you could always download the song by pasting the YouTube url in KeepVid.

I hope we can practice the song enough to sing to our 5th grade buddies on Friday! :)


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