Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jack-o'-Lantern Labeling

Whew! Finally caught up to all the great bloggers out there doing some form of labeling activity. I believe I first caught the labeling bug here from Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten and was inspired Jennifer's labeling mats at First Grade Blue Skies.

Naturally we labeled Ms. Bueno with sticky-notes first. Man, those things didn't stay on at all! They kept falling off but we got the idea. 

Are you expecting a picture?
HA! I didn't have a label for "third arm" or "parent helper"! ;)

When that was over we took the strategy to my illustration of a jack-o'-lantern. 

Now... I DID have a picture, but I left my camera at school...

Then I passed out a quick labeling page to practice. No great shakes, but it certainly helped them feel successful. Of course it looks whacko below, but it was kinda cute, I swear!

Have you gotten the PrintClearly font yet? The dashed version is great for handwriting practice and it's what most of my homemade worksheets like this one are created with.

I'm pleased that this mini-lesson went so well! Tomorrow we'll take the same idea in our writing as we describe how to carve a jack-o'-lantern! 


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I nominated you for the Blog on Fire Award!
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